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About Us

At Martin Communication Group, we are dedicated to developing and executing a winning strategy for you and your campaign. We pride ourselves on evolving constantly to stay on the cutting edge.

Digital advertising including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are dynamic and emerging, but traditional outlets like radio, billboards and television remain relevant. Knowing how and when to utilize all of these tools is what makes the critical difference in developing a strategic plan and budget, as well as having the discipline and expertise to execute that plan.

We are dedicated to common sense analysis and criticism of the political process and the major news outlets that cover the process. In the era of the 24 hour news cycle, anonymous bloggers and conservative shock-jock punditry, we offer a more sane account of what's really happening from the view of middle America.

Richard Martin, principal

Richard Martin, the founder of Martin Communication Group, is a Democratic Political Consultant and Public Affairs specialist who has directed statewide political campaigns, grassroots campaigns, and corporate and issue related efforts. Read more about him.

“Campaigns are about people. People coming together as a team
to accomplish a goal. I gravitate to and try and help campaigns become
fun, diverse, inclusive, smart and strategic. That way we win.”
— Richard Martin